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The CEO of My Pillow says his company will be switching over 75 percent of its production to make medical masks for health care workers who are battling the coronavirus pandemic.

Drew Brees and his wife Brittany are donating $5 million to fight the coronavirus in Louisiana as well as working with non-profits to deliver 10,000 meals a day to those in need across the state.

Gordon Brown, a former Prime Minister to the U.K., is calling for a temporary global government to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Thirty-one Nashville singers put their voices together to create an uplifting rendition of "It Is Well" to spread hope amid uncertain times.

A petition is calling for the release of an Iranian pastor imprisoned for allegedly evangelizing to Muslims. As conditions in the Evin prison decline amid the coronavirus pandemic, the risk level of the pastor contracting the virus increases.

A pastor was been arrested in Nepal for sharing a healing prayer amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“What can you do as faith and community leaders?” asked U.S. Surgeon General Jerome M. Adams in a videotaped address for the COVID-19 Church Online Summit that opened Thursday. “Well, first, follow the guidance from your local health department and find ways to partner with them. Second, develop your plan to protect your employees and the people you serve.”

Despite a snowstorm leaving a layer of snow on the road, members of an Alaska church gathered together for a drive-in church service this week.

A recent Pew Research Center study finds that most Americans believe that President Trump is either not all that religious or not religious at all.

Virginia's Governor, Ralph Northam, pleaded with Liberty University president Jerry Falwell, Jr. to close the school's Lynchburg, Virginia campus amid the coronavirus pandemic.

A 2019 study found that the United States in the best-prepared country to handle a pandemic.

Planned Parenthood is filing a lawsuit against Texas governor Greg Abbot after he called for a temporary ban on non-essential abortions in an effort to reserve medical supplies for health care professionals battling the coronavirus pandemic. 

Members of a Georgia church pooled their Chick-fil-A points together to donate more than 450 chicken sandwiches to workers at two local hospitals. 

While many of his colleagues seem sure that the COVID-19 pandemic is a sign of the end times, Pastor David Jeremiah is not ready to commit to that idea. In his sermon on Sunday, Jeremiah argued that while he cannot say for certain if the outbreak is or is not a warning sign of the second coming, he does think the pandemic does not perfectly match up with biblical prophecy and, therefore, is "probably" not a sign of Jesus' return.

After it's theater run was cut short over the coronavirus pandemic, the new Erwin Brothers faith-based film I Still Believe is coming out for rental this Friday.

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